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If you don't have insurance

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Posted on: 10/09/18
In fact, he said the U.6 million this year. Brock says pharmaceutical companies discourage people from splitting pills because the practice can save people enormous amounts of money. "It's not just people without health insurance that's the problem," Author Fred Brock told The Early Show co-anchor Rene Syler." Brock says the two main problems are that the U."

If you don't have insurance, negotiate with the hospital to try to get the bill down to what the insurance companies pay.While 46 million Americans -- 8 million children -- go without health insurance, the top 12 HMO executives earned $222."Brock believes the biggest threat to your financial future may be the rising cost of health care and an inability to pay for it.3 billion in profits. Yet in 2004, the 13 largest drug companies netted profits of $62 billion, and United States hospitals posted $26. He said sometimes the stronger version of the pill is cheaper than the lower dosage so people can save money buy splitting the pill into the prescribed Capsule shells dosage to them. Others cannot afford the high cost of prescription medicine or simply can't get health insurance. He offers suggestions about how to deal with the health care crisis in his new book, "Health Care on Less than You Think. Buy drugs from CanadaAlthough it is illegal to buy drugs from Canada, Brock says the authorities look the other way.

Brock said buying drugs in Canada can save another 30-50 percent on one's drug costs. Read an excerpt of the book here.S.Buy private health insuranceIf you don't have a pre-existing condition, private individual policies can be cost-effective, Brock said. Brock believes our health care system is on a collision course until the government fixes it, and that won't happen for at least 10 years. buys drugs from Canada when we have a shortage. He said check with your doctor before splitting. In the meantime, he offered some strategies to make staying healthy cheaper.S. He said Health Savings Accounts can cost even less than your employer's insurance. "You can do it easily on the internet," he said. health care system is expensive and Americans don't get enough for their money and that people who have pre-existing conditions and don't have health insurance through work have a difficult time getting insured. Pill Splitting

You can overnight cut your drug bill by 50 percent," he said. Negotiate hospital billBrock said your insurance company has already negotiated with the hospital to charge you well below the "sticker price.Pill splitting doesn't work with time release medication or capsules, Brock said.Uninsured people file for bankruptcy every year because they cannot pay their medical bills.. "It's people who work for companies that are tired of footing the bills and are putting it off on employees. The problem is that it takes longer to get the drugs, so don't do it with drugs that are needed immediately


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